CAN-EYE installation

How do I install CAN-EYE?

You need to install first the Matlab Component Runtime (free library) and then CAN-EYE.The MCR is automatically downloaded from the Mathworks web site.

  • Check the system type: 32 bits/64 bits: Select the “My Computer” icon on your desktop. Right-click the icon and select Properties from the menu. Check the item “system type”.
  • Download the CAN_EYE installation file compatible with your system. Click twice on the CAN_EYE_VX.xx_Web_RYYYYy_ZZbits, (X.xx is the version number, YYYYy is the year and version of the matlab component runtime, and ZZ is your system type).
  • Once the installation is prepared, the CAN_EYE installer automatically opens. Note that you need to be connected to internet, otherwise use the connection settings button on the top right of the windows. Click “NEXT>”
  • Choose the installation directory. You can also choose to have a shortcut on your desktop (check the box). Then click “NEXT>”
  • The system is checking if the compatible Matlab Component Runtime (MCR) is already installed on your computer.
    • If the MCR is not installed, the following window opens, select the installation folder, Then click “NEXT>”. Note that the MCR installation may be faster if you directly download it from the Mathworks website and install it before installing CAN-EYE (in that case, install the MCR compatible with the CAN-EYE version indicated in the name of the  CAN_EYE installation file CAN_EYE_VX.xx_Web_RYYYYy_ZZbits).

Read the license agreement and select yes to continue the installation



  • If the MCR is already installed, the following window opens, then click “NEXT>”




The system then confirms the installation (including the MCR installation if necessary). You can cancel or go back or install by clicking “INSTALL”




  • A waitbar is then displayed, showing the progress of the installation (note that it can take several minutes, especially if the MCR is installed) and a confirmation window is displayed.
  • Click on “FINISH”
  • To be able to run CAN_EYE from the windows startup menu or from your desktop icon, you need to perform one last manipulation. On the desktop icon CAN_EYE, right click, "properties", "shortcut" tab. Copy/Paste the character string from the "Target" item into the "start in" item (which should be empty at first) and delete CAN_EYE.exe" at the end. If the program is installed in C:\Program Files\, then
    •  the target path will be:  "C:\Program Files\CAN_EYE\application\CAN_EYE.exe"
    • the starting path will be: "C:\Program Files\CAN_EYE\application\"     

You need to do the same for the CAN_EYE icon in the windows start menu. If the Icon does not appear in the list, then look for it in "all  programs”


  • Click twice on the CAN_EYE icon to run the software. After a moment, the CAN-EYE main menu appears.

Modification date : 20 June 2023 | Publication date : 27 July 2010 | Redactor : M. Weiss