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CAN-EYE is a free software and works only under windows operating systems. It is required to accept a license agreement before downloading.




CAN-EYE V6.495 release:

  • Change in 6.4.95
    • Impacts only the processing of already binarized DHP images. A bug is fixed and the program now runs to the end.
  • Change in 6.4.94
    • Change only concerns the coding & compilation. There is no impact on the user.
  • Change in 6.4.93
    • Bug fixed: the menu "nadir gap fraction" is now available again  (bug since 6.4.92)
  • Change in 6.4.92
    • Bug fixed: if the user does not have acrobat reader on his computer the software can still run but no access to the documentation 
  • Change in 6.4.91
    • Bug fixed: an error was occurring in version 6.49 when displaying HELP from the menu. It is now fixed. The classification window now contains a help button.
    • The location of the CAN-EYE window was modified so that it does not exit from the screen.
    • The UNDO button was not working after selecting a polygon for color classification during the classification step. The percentage of pixels classified in each class is updated accordingly.
    • The ASCII output mode is now working for images acquired at 57°
  • Change in 6.4.9
    • Bug fixed when processing DHP binary images requiring the application of system calibration parameters
  • Change in 6.4.8
    • Calibration Menu: CAN-EYE is now able to handle excel file where numeric data are in text cell format
    • Running DHP and Photos à 57° in binary mode is now a little bit faster
    • Bug fixed when using run in binary mode for P57 (if zip of binary files created by another software than CAN-EYE)
    • Instead of selected a whole directory for processing images, the user selects the images he wants to include in his processing
  • Change in 6.4.7
    • A bug was fixed for the mean directional Po computation. Before, if there was one invalid data in one image, the mean was set to invalid, now the average is performed over the valid data.
  • Change in 6.4.6
    • An indentation bug was also fixed for the excel output file issued from the summary module.
    • For the computation of the true PAI and clumping index, PAISat is set to 8. This value can be modified (from 6 to 10) when reprocessing of the set of images. Further, the true PAI is now flagged to indicate the possible influence of the PAISat value. The flag corresponds to the percentage of saturated cells encountered during the clumping parameter computation (see documentation)
  • Change in 6.4.5
    • New installation process for CAN-EYE (automatic download of required matlab component runtime) 
  • Change in 6.4.4
    • CAN-EYE is no longer supported in a 32 bits version.
    • Binary images are now saved in TIF format
    • The parameterization for images at 57° and images at nadir is modified. It is possible to select an area corresponding to a maximum authorized field of view.
  • Change in 6.4.3
    • It is possible now to restart from a previous classification (only compatible with data processed with a version posterior to 6.4 ).
  • Change in 6.4
    • The color range of the images is not reduced anymore (more accurate selection of green vs non green elements). Consequently the color palette is not used anymore in the classification step.
    • During the manual segmentation step, it is possible to select colors inside a polygon instead of picking up colors pixel per pixel.
  • Change in 6.314
    • Bug in figure generation when computing canopy cover fraction from nadir image.
    • Modification of the figure showing calibration results.
  • Change in 6.311
    • Bug fixed for already binarized P180 image processing: the program was stopping during the processing.
  • Change in 6.310
    • Change only concerns functions available in the calibration menu. A bug concerning the problem of opening xls file with recent excel version installed on the computer is fixed. The user is now alerted when the calibration function is completed. A calibration directory called "Calib_Example" is now added showing an example of calibration file & results.
  • Change in 6.39
    • When chosing "ASCII file" in the parameterization file, CAN-EYE 6.38 was stopping before the htm generation report. Bug is now fixed.
  • Change in 6.38
    • In some particular configuration, CAN-EYE stopped during the parameter file generation for hemispherical images. The bug is now fixed.
  • Change in 6.37
    • Possibility to process images detected by the software as acquired at different dates (problem with some metadata provided by some cameras in jpeg metadata EXIF file) for nadir and P57 images
    • Correction of a bug (processing not going to the end) for P57
  • Change in 6.36
    • Add fAPAR computation results in th eexcel file using either the CAN-EYEV6 or CAN-EYEV5 cost functions
  • Change in 6.35
    • Possibility to process images detected by the software as acquired at different dates (problem with some metadata provided by some cameras in jpeg metadata EXIF file) for hemispherical images
  • Bug Fixed in 6.34
    • The reading of user's binarized images was not correct (transposed image). Now fixed.
  • Bug Fixed in 6.33
    • Bug: for users who have used the possibility to force some parts of an image to belong to a given class (square radio button on the right of the class name during the classification process), thre was a bug on the gap fraction computation (forced areas were not taken into account in the computation)
    • Change in the output graphs to improve the visualization. Note also that th degree sign is now compatible with chineese systems
    • New intermediate outputs (allowing to reproduce the different graphs of the html repost) in the excel file sheet
    • New matlab component runtime
    •  creation of a CAN_EYE log file allowing to ease the bug report process
  • Bug Fixed in 6.3
    • The PAI and ALA estimate for CAN-EYE V5.1 (cell B3 of PAI, ALA sheet in the excel result file) were wrong in V6.1 and V6.2 (misplaced parenthesis in the cost function). All other PAI estimates (V6.1, P57, Miller, LAI2000) ) are OK for results obtained with CAN-EYE V6.1 or V6.2.
    •  CAN-EYE is now able to process images that do not have an exif header
  • Bug fixed in 6.2
    • Run can-eye over hemispherical images with field of view <±60°
    • Run summary menu over images acquired at nadir


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