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CAN-EYE is an imaging software (Windows) used to extract the following canopy structure characteristics from true-color images (either acquired with a fish-eye or with a classic objective)

  • LAI : Leaf Area Index
  • ALA : Average Leaf inclination Angle
  • FAPAR : Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation
  • FCOVER : Vegetation cover fraction
  • Bidirectional gap fraction


CAN-EYE is a free software developed since 2003 at EMMAH (Environnement Mediterranéen et Modélisation des Agro-Hydrosystèmes) by INRAE (french National Institute of Agronomical research) .


20 June 2023

Redaction: Marie Weiss

CAN-EYE V6.49 Release

You can now download the CAN-EYE V6.49 release
You can now download the CAN-EYE V6.4.7 release with an improved interactive classification.