CAN-EYE V6.49 Release

CAN-EYE V6.49 Release

You can now download the CAN-EYE V6.49 release

  • Change in 6.4.9 DOWNLOAD HERE (after signing the license agreement)
    • Bug fixed when processing DHP binary images requiring the application of system calibration parameters

Change in 6.4.8 

    • Calibration Menu: CAN-EYE is now able to handle excel file where numeric data are in text cell format
    • Running DHP and Photos à 57° in binary mode is now a little bit faster
    • Bug fixed when using run in binary mode for P57 (if zip of binary files created by another software than CAN-EYE)
    • Instead of selecting a whole directory for processing images, the user selects the images he wants to include in his processing
  • Change in 6.4.7
    • A bug was fixed for the mean directional Po computation. Previously, if there was one invalid data in one image, the mean was set to invalid, now the average is performed over the valid data.
  • Change in 6.4.6
    • An indentation bug was also fixed for the excel output file issued from the summary module.
    • For the computation of the true PAI and clumping index, PAISat is set to 8. This value can be modified (from 6 to 10) when reprocessing of the set of images. Further, the true PAI is now flagged to indicate the possible influence of the PAISat value. The flag corresponds to the percentage of saturated cells encountered during the clumping parameter computation (see documentation)
  • Change in 6.4.5
    • New installation process for CAN-EYE (automatic download of required matlab component runtime) 
  • Change in 6.4.4
    • CAN-EYE is no longer supported in a 32 bits version.
    • Binary images are now saved in TIF format
    • The parameterization for images at 57° and images at nadir is modified. It is possible to select an area corresponding to a maximum authorized field of view.
  • Change in 6.4.3
    • It is possible now to restart from a previous classification (only compatible with data processed with a version posterior to 6.4 ).

Modification date: 20 June 2023 | Publication date: 05 October 2017 | By: Marie Weiss